Uchi Madwago has cursed Kimi Olonoyu

Nigerian controversial and celebrity, Ushi Madogo, rained curses on investigative journalist Kimi Olonoyo, Kimi Olonoyo, on Davido.

This comes after Kimi Olonoyo took to her social media pages to alienate Davido over the death of her first son, Ifene. Kemi Fulani News reported that Kemi Olunloyo took to their pages to murder Davido and his lover Chioma due to the death of their son.

Kimi claimed that there was a curse in the Adeleke family and that Chioma as an Igbo girl added more insults to them. This did not go well with a lot of Nigerians and Uchi Madogo decided to come for her.

He rains curses on Kemi Olunloyo as he reminds her that she will reap what she sows. He wrote: “Any 58-year-old who rejoices in mourning curses his ancestors like a Google map.

God told me to say ‘no’ to the bus stop, go to Sidon Dey, and beg for Akara and 20 naira to cut at sixty for all your lies in Davido, Chioma, and the great Ifene. While you sow, you go reap. Can I hear amen? “

His fans and followers flooded his comment section with “Amen”.

“She’s a pathetic girl” Kimi Olonoyu’s first son disavows her

Kimi Filani News previously reported that Initan, Kimi Olonoyo’s first son, used social media to call out his mother and publicly disavow her. Enitan, a level 35 cosplayer with a handle on Instagram, @eni2171987 took to the social media platform to describe his mother as a “pathetic idiot”. According to him, he does not take her seriously because she abandoned him when he was a child.

He wrote, “The reason I don’t do Thanksgiving like I used to do is because my mom or should I say, Kimmy dares to treat me any way. And the reason I turn my back on her is because she doesn’t care about her flesh and her family but herself. That’s why I’m no longer her son. Because she’s already famous and pathetic she is and when I realized it after all these years and told myself a secret. She was going to be locked up in GA 14 years ago. I was home alone. No food, no electricity!”

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