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US and British adviser: We will prosecute those arrested for security threat – IG Baba

Inspector General of Police Othman Qalali Baba said that some of the suspects who were arrested following a warning issued by the United States and the United Kingdom recently in Abuja will soon be tried.

However, the inspector general refused to give accurate statistics on the number of criminal elements captured in connection with the threats.

He also denied insinuations that the government tried to refuse the consultation, noting that it drew criticism from the security authorities because it caused citizens’ fears.

Alkali Baba made the remarks on Thursday while attending the weekly media sessions coordinated by the Presidential Media Team in Abuja.

His words, “No one has dismissed this matter as an ultimatum. The government has never dismissed it as an ultimatum, but we have only said that it was blown up or made in such a way that our people were concerned about the situation or the way it was done. Embassies have their responsibilities towards their citizens and they can give their advice The government has not ruled out what happened because it has also told us what it expects to be threats.

“And we on our part also looked at what they see as a threat as something that was with us and efforts are being made every day to see that these threats are mitigated or prevented from happening and that is what has been happening in Abuja and across the country.

“Sometimes these threats or things happen but no one has dismissed them as an alarm and a lot of efforts have been made as I said to quell the tension.

“Yes, those who we believe were plotting to commit crimes in any way have already been arrested, we have made that arrest, and in due course, those caught will be prosecuted by any of the agencies that have it.”

Remember that a few weeks ago, the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States reached a memorandum advising their employees in Abuja to be weary of an imminent attack by terrorist groups.

The memo that found its way into the media space raised concerns within the political system and kept the security services on high alert.

US and British adviser: We will prosecute those arrested for security threat – IG Baba

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