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Wake, Rifai, Ogwani, Abiodun Portfolio 2022 Leadership Newspaper Awards

LEADERSHIP has announced the winners of the contest 2022 Annual Awards #2022 Leadership Awards, one of the most prestigious and coveted awards in the national calendar.

While Governor of Rivers State, Nesom Ezino Wake, has emerged as the “Politician of the Year 2022” at the helm; Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir Al-Rifai. Enugu State Governor Hon Lawrence Ifiyi Ogwanye; Ogun State Governor Prince Adidabo Abiodun has emerged as “Governor of the Year 2022”.

A statement from the department said: “In accordance with our annual tradition, we are pleased to announce this year’s award winners after careful scrutiny which has produced outstanding people and institutions in various categories. It is a list that inspires hope, despite our current challenges.”

Wike stood out politically for the leadership year 2022 for his political intelligence, along with his steadfastness and consistency of direction in the pursuit of fairness and justice, which left the ruling class no other choice but to treat it as the main issue in opposition politics. in nigeria,

Wake’s unorthodox approach to politics, which is decidedly inconsistent with what is generally considered to be typical Nigerian politics, has seen him take on many opposition politicians who now see him as a thorn in the flesh.

He is a prototype of the tough politician, he is bloody bold and resolute, not one who is easily given to political diplomacy and smokescreens.

Al-Rifai will be recognized for implementing impressive and impressive infrastructure projects, attracting a private sector investment portfolio worth $4,488 billion, creating direct and indirect jobs, as well as increasing internally generated revenue for the state (IGR) by more than 200 percent through his acclaimed technocracy. Its widespread in the past seven years.

Rifai’s name rings a bell in Nigeria’s political space. The reason is not far fetched: His ability to deliver is not in doubt. He is known for turning his bad condition into a good one. As Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), after an impressive performance in the Public Corporations Office under former President Olusegun Obasanjo, El-Rifai reinstated the Abuja master plan to make the city rival other modern cities around the world.

Even before he was sworn in as Governor of Kaduna State on May 29, 2015, under the All Progressives Congress (APC), after defeating the incumbent Governor, Al-Rifai, a first class Quantity Surveyor graduate Ahmadu Bello. The University of Zaria had already laid out a bigger plan for the hitherto dysfunctional North Western State due to years of bad governance.

Upon taking office as governor, he wasted no time in assembling his team of able men and women and embarking on a revolution in the infrastructure and economic state of the state.

The 2022 Governor of Ugwuanyi Command has received the award for taking infrastructure development into the previously overlooked hinterland of Enugu State.

It is popularly called “Gburugburu” because of its principle of carrying people with it.

Despite the economic challenges facing the country, Ujwani proved his leadership prowess following the way he administered the state as governor.

Although previous rulers since 1999 focused on urban development, Governor Ogwane turned his attention to rural development to give rural people a sense of belonging.

Ugwuanyi is considered by many to be the unsung hero of infrastructure, as he has continued his bold implementation of legacy projects – projects that directly impact people. The list of his projects is endless.

Furthermore, the 2022 Commanding Governor Prince Adidabo Abiodun will be recognized for maintaining a steady pace of development by implementing people-oriented projects across Ogun State, resisting temptations to abandon unfinished projects started by his predecessor who did everything in his power to make it happen. thwarts his ambition. To keep all his electoral promises as made in ISEYA and to ensure adequate security and peaceful coexistence among all ethnic groups throughout the state.

It is widely recognized that the essence of government is to ensure accountability, transparency, responsiveness, rule of law, stability, fairness, inclusiveness, empowerment, and broad participation, among others.

Governor Abiodun has been able to achieve all of this since he took office on May 29, 2019. Most of the state’s citizens say they are particularly pleased with the way he has responded quickly to security issues.

Other winners of the 2022 Leadership Awards are; Leading Personalities for 2022: Muhammed Buba Marwa, Prof. Benedict Oki Orama, Oluwatobiloba Ayomide Amusan; 2022 Person of the Year in Leadership: Sir Joseph Ari, Mohamed Maman Nami, Issa Gir Idris; Leadership Bank for 2022: Lotus Bank; Environmental Impact Leading Person for 2022: Mustafa Abubakar Jajibu; Leading Banker of the Year 2022: Ms. Nyka Onyali Ekpe; Leadership Personality of the Year: Ms. Chantelle Abdou; CEO Leadership for 2022: Ebenezer Onigo; Al Riyada Oil and Gas Local Content Champion for the year 2022: Eng. Sempei Waboti Social Impact Personality in Leadership: Tunde Onakoya, Solomon Folorensho; Leading Government Agency of the Year: NSCDC; ICT/Telecom Leadership of the Year 2022: MTN Nigeria; E-Commerce Leadership Company of 2022: Pocket by Piggyvest; LEADERSHIP OF THE YEAR 2022: BUA Foods Plc; Leading Brand for 2022: Coleman Wires & Cables; Leading Sports Personality of the Year 2022: Flamingos; Lead Product of the Year: Mama’s Pride; Outstanding Youth Leader of the Year 2022: Moussa Sane. 2022 Leading Artist of the Year: Kizz Daniel.

Wake, Rifai, Ogwani, Abiodun Portfolio 2022 Leadership Newspaper Awards

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