Watch a video on Twitter by Georgia CCTV of Harrison Stephen Behr

Watch Georgia Harrison Steven Behr’s video on Twitter below – Georgia Harrison’s ex-boyfriend Stephen Behr was found guilty of all charges at her ‘revenge p*rn’ trial at Chelmsford Crown Court today. Stephen filmed himself having sex with Georgia Harrison in his garden in Luton, Essex on August 2, 2020, and his s*x tape was uploaded to the XXX OnlyFans platform. He was accused of voyeurism and divulging private photos and movies.

Who is Georgia Harrison?

Georgia Harrison is a former reality star who recently turned into an influencer. In 2017, she was a cast member of Love Island. She worked as a personal assistant in Essex before joining the show, where she briefly met and previously worked as a personal assistant, Sam Gowland.

Georgia was also part of the reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex in 2014, though she kept telling me that “you’ll need to be a keen eye” to remember her from that show. When she first appeared on the show, she had already ruffled some feathers among the cast members when she flirted with both Louis Bloor and Tom Pierce at the same time. However, she was soon dropped from the show.

What did Georgia Harrison accuse Stephen Bear?

Georgia said she was shown footage Stephen shared on his OnlyFans page, which was recorded on his home’s CCTV camera, and which she claims was shared with her.

According to her, he shared the intimate video in front of her without her knowledge or consent, and was shown screenshots of the video by fans. She also promises to sue Steven over the video, and hopes that speaking out about it will help others in similar situations. Despite all the allegations, he denied them all.

When did Stephen Behr and Georgia Harrison date?

It was reported that Steven dumped his girlfriend for Georgia in November 2018, and the couple started seeing each other. Stephen and Georgia separated in the summer of 2019 after a dramatic argument in Thailand in which Georgia threw a book over allegations that he cheated on her.

Watch a video on Twitter by Georgia CCTV of Harrison Stephen Behr

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