Watch Cewek Google Viral Video

In the past few days, a video titled “Cewek Google Viral” has gone viral on the internet and social media as it shows a lady asking the store owner for directions as Google shows the wrong lane in the Google Maps app. In this article, we are going to talk about the viral cewek google video and other information about it.

What’s Cewek Google Video all about?

The fried seller was greeted by a beautiful woman with a voice much like the one on Google Maps providing directions to the fried seller’s location. Nowadays, it is easy to find tourist attractions that have not been visited before. We can easily discover new tourist attractions thanks to Google Maps.

However, the Google Maps app can sometimes be “junk” when showing the way to a destination. In Google Maps, drivers almost entered a ravine after turning away from a “horror” road. Hence, we end up getting lost in strange places instead of reaching the intended tourist spot.

As annoying as Google Maps may be when it comes to directions, there are still plenty of people curious about the owner of the female voice showing directions. The recent Instagram account dagelan revealed who expressed directions on Google Maps to satisfy the curiosity of netizens.

Google Driver gets lost asking residents and internet users for directions: use Google Maps. A 52-second video clip shows a beautiful woman buying fried food on the side of the road.

Watch Cewek Google Viral Video

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