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Jordan Powell leaked a Twitter video that went viral on

The video link is mentioned in this article

About Jordan Powell

Jordan Powell is a TikTokInfluencer from PA. His TikTok account has 389k followers as of the end of 2022. The total number of likes on the video is more than 5 million. It is compatible with his TikTok content. Also, he keeps involving himself in the controversy which makes it more viral.

He had an old TikTok account with 1.3 million followers but he tried to create uncensored content and his account got banned. Jordan had his first video in June 2020, until then there is no mention of him being discontinued. Right now, Jordan Powell is shooting an n*de video that’s going viral on Twitter. The video that’s going viral all over Twitter is a definite s*t. Not for children and teens to watch the video.

About the viral jordan powell twitter video

His current video is only viral on But, there are plenty of other spam sites that try to use the clickbait image and redirect people to unwanted offers. This kind of practice is being done in a lot of other locations. Be aware of this type of site. To watch Jordan’s video, go to Google for “jordan powell fnewshub”. You will get an article where the video link is mentioned.

One can now easily watch this video. Not only is there a video, but there are also viral selfies and a mirror of Jordan Powell.

To watch Jordan Powell’s TikTok video, search for the ID of jordanpowell. To watch his viral video, click on the Purple button in this article which will redirect you to the site where the video is mentioned

Watch Jordan Powell’s viral video on Twitter

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