Watch Monti Viral MMS video

Watch the Monti Viral MMS video below – Monty Roy is an Indian Makeup Artist, Dancer, Model, and Social Media Personality from TikTok (West Bengal, India). His Tiktok videos helped him gain a lot of fame. Moreover, Roy was dressed as a girl in the videos, as if he was a girl.

Moreover, he has also mastered his way of dressing and applying makeup to look like a woman. On the other hand, people were surprised when they found out that it was a boy, not a girl. Currently, Montii has 351.4k followers on Tiktok, which is pretty impressive. In addition to this, he has 27.5k followers on Instagram, which is an impressive number.

His goal is to reach 4 million followers on the photo-sharing platform within the next few years. He wowed viewers with his style and confidence in front of the camera. On the other hand, he stated on social media that he is a model and dancer.

Roy participates in the local level competitions held in his area on a regular basis. Moreover, he is also involved in his college‚Äôs theater team. As the makeup department director for the college’s annual function, Monty oversees the makeup department for the event.

As a matter of fact, Monty’s mother took care of the bank job for him. In addition to his older and younger siblings, he has other extended family members who are part of his extended family. In addition to this, Roy attended a local school where he completed his studies. The college he attended was Surendranath Nath College, located in Kolkata.

Watch Monti Viral MMS video

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