Watch Noriffarozi’s viral video leak on Twitter

The noriffarozi viral video is trending on a lot of social media platforms right now. The purpose of this article is to provide information about the viral Cikgu Rina and her personal life.

Scroll down to see Noriffarozi’s viral video leak on Twitter

Who is Norivaruzi?

‘Noriffarozi’ born on August 1, 2000 as Noriffarozi is a Malaysian singer, songwriter and actress best known for her dance music. Her video was recently leaked.

More details about noriffarozi Twitter and her personal life

She has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Malaya, which she has been able to advance to in her career.

Upon signing a record deal with Sony Music Malaysia in 2018, Mernikat Jiwa’s first single “Mengikat Jiwa” was released to the digital market. The song’s designers include Indonesian composer Aldi Nadi Permana, who produced and recorded the track in Indonesia.

The duet “Terima Kasih” was recorded by Retno in collaboration with Yuka Kharisma, and released by the label in August 2020. The singer, along with Sandra Dianne, Benzooloo and B-Heart, took part in Sony Music Malaysia’s Bring The Beat campaign as part of its efforts to encourage artists to Produce more songs.

It was on Vokal Mania on TV3 that the singer gained fame as a singer. As a result, she was named the Rookie Champion of the competition, and won the competition.

It was announced on 9 December 2021 that Aisha will be releasing an English-language single titled “WHUT” (“Wanna Hold You Tight”). The song was able to gain up to 7 million streams on Spotify within two months of its release. According to the RIM Domestic/Malaysian Singles Chart, the song debuted at number three in the chart’s first week.

It is true that there are plenty of websites that claim to have a copy of the original video. However, they don’t have anything to show for a physical copy of the video. We will provide you with the correct link to watch the video, so don’t worry about it.

Watch Noriffarozi’s viral video leak on Twitter

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