Watch Rairaiken Viral Video Leaked on Twitter

In the past few days, Rairaiken Viral Video has been gaining a great deal of attention from social media and other platforms. She is one of the most popular influencer and social media personality in the Philippines with one intimate video leaked that was posted on the internet. The purpose of this article is to discuss the leaked viral video of Rairaiken and other information about her that you might find interesting.

Which is Raiken?

She is a model, influencer, and social media personality from the Philippines, who recently became a media headline due to the leaking of one of her videos on the internet, which went viral on social networks since the video went viral on social media networks.

She doesn’t respond to any of the questions being asked as to what causes the leak, and it might be helpful for her to just remain silent and let things cool for a while, so she can respond to any of the following. These questions.

Rairaiken Age – How old is Rairaiken?

As of 2023, Raiken is 23 years old and he was born in the Philippines on January 3, 2000.

Rairaiken Height – What is the height of Rairaiken?

Rairaiken is 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs around 59 kg or 131 lbs. With a slim body, black hair and brown eyes, she has a very attractive appearance.

Rairaiken family and boyfriend

Currently, there is no information on the internet about her family and boyfriend to be found.

Watch Rairaiken Viral Video Leaked on Twitter

One of her videos recently leaked online and went viral, which is why we are going to be sharing the video below.

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