Watch Stas Reshetnikov Live Video Broadcast

Watch Stas Reshetnikov Live Stream Video below An online video host who killed his girlfriend in a sickening livestream has been sentenced to prison. Russian video blogger ReeFlay — whose real name is Stanislav Reshetnikov, 30, whose real family name is Reshetnyak — was found guilty of grievous bodily harm and sentenced to six years in a strict criminal colony. The purpose of the spam vlog is to humiliate and abuse people during live broadcasts in exchange for viewers’ donations.

How did Stas reshetnikov die on live broadcasts, how?

28-year-old Valentina “Valya” Grigoryeva died of “head wounds” after being directly “abused” online. In the broadcast session that resulted in Reshetnikov’s death, Reshetnikov was goaded by viewers to verbally abuse and physically assault her.

His mother, Elena Reshetnyak, was seen in a video kissing him before going to court in Moscow. His tears were visible as he appeared surrounded by armed officers to begin his sentence. His live video stream made headlines around the world, with Grigorieva being called a “bitch” and a “stinker”.

Initially, it was reported that she died after being locked outside near the nude in sub-zero temperatures – she was seen live by punters on YouTube and other platforms. However, forensic experts concluded that she died of a head injury.

Once Reshetnikov, 30, let her back into the room, it was clear to viewers that she was dead, prompting someone to call 911. In addition to the brain trauma, there were numerous bruises on her face and facial bleeding. its soft tissues.”

According to law enforcement, ReeFlay “told police that he hit the decedent on the head multiple times on the day in question.” During the discussion, he admitted to “hitting” her.

Her pregnancy was later denied after initial reports. The broadcaster was deemed “sane” and fit for trial after psychiatric and psychiatric examinations. With an object used as a weapon, he intentionally committed grievous bodily harm to the victim, which resulted in his negligent death.

People’s opinion of the tragic accident:

According to the website, the Russian Investigative Committee said that it would also investigate whether the young man whose body was found in his home had committed illegal acts against him.

According to The Mirror, the YouTube actor expressed his shock at the tragic incident. YouTube should not allow cruel content of this kind. “While the original live broadcast did not appear on YouTube, the account associated with it has been removed and terminated immediately.”

Watch Stas Reshetnikov Live Video Broadcast

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