Watch the Fitting Room Viral Twitter video

Watch the viral Twitter video of the fitting room below – According to a viral post on Twitter, hidden cameras are recording consumers trying on clothes at a popular clothing store in Kuala Lumpur. Using a hidden camera, the screenshot showed aerial footage from inside the women’s fitting room. The videos are allegedly sold online, with the sellers claiming to have recordings of couples and people in fitting rooms. I will be sharing the H&M fitting room video with you in this article.

People’s reaction to the video settings in the fitting room

As a result of the original tweet, which was deleted by the owner to protect individuals’ privacy, many individuals reached out to share their own experiences. According to one of the victims who came forward, she was one of the women featured in the video shoot. When I went shopping at the H&M Avenue K outlet last October, I revealed that the fitting room location was most likely in the store.

Can you let me know where all these videos are coming from? I am one of the people in the video, and when the video was made public it caused me embarrassment because I was one of the individuals in the video. I hope you are able to help me in some way. In my opinion, the fitting room is located on H&M Avenue K if I’m not mistaken, because I bought a shirt in the store. The videos were likely recorded on October 6, 2022.”

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Police turn up running

According to a statement by H&M Malaysia, after the matter became so viral it was decided to file a police report. “like Company, we place the highest priority on the safety of our customers. The incident has been reported to the police and an investigation is underway.”

According to the company, “Our fitting rooms have been screened and we are currently working to ensure that our customers’ privacy is not compromised by any security breach,” the company reported in an email.

According to reports, the police have also started investigating these allegations, which have also been reported. According to Dang Wangi OCPD Asst. Brigadier General Nur Dilhan Yahya, the police received a report regarding the matter on Monday (9 January).

According to him, the police report was submitted by the security director of a store on Jalan Imbi who submitted it. We sent our staff to investigate the incident and they couldn’t locate the camera. There is a possibility of it happening elsewhere.” As he put it, the case was classified under Article 509 of the Penal Code for deliberately insulting a woman’s modesty, through words, sounds, gestures, or things intended to offend that woman’s modesty.

Watch a leaked H&M fitting room video

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