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Watch De la Pastora video leaked on Twitter below – Currently, video de la pastora twitter is among the most popular topics on social media, as well as a variety of other platforms. As a result of the viral video, the Public Prosecution Service quickly took action against Priest Rossi Guzmán Sánchez, director of Shalom Tierra de Paz Church, for alleged cases of corruption, while carrying out the so-called “choir operation”.

Who is Pastora Rossi Guzman?

Rossi Guzmán was a longtime member of the Shalom Church of Tierra de Paz and was also a former minister in the church. After one of her videos was leaked onto the internet, she was arrested. Guzmán Sánchez was also reported to have been questioned three times in February by the Special Prosecutor for the Prosecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca) over alleged links with Major General Adán Cáceres, the chief of security for former President Danilo Medina. He was also arrested on Saturday over the same allegations.

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Leaked pink pastora video details

The leaked Pastora Rossy Guzmán video is obviously a viral video that has gone all over, and still many people are trying to find this video and are having difficulties locating it because it has become so popular. Don’t worry, we’re going to share a video of Rossi Guzmán’s Pastora, so don’t worry.

Watch a video of De la Pastora leaked on Twitter.

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