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Scroll down to see the Salto Piscine Twitter Pool Accident video with the link mentioned in the article.

About the Salto Biscayne Pool Accident

It’s the viral video where a black man can be seen jumping into a pond. First, this guy takes judgment to take a dip in the pool. He jumps into the pool but his head hits the ground and under his neck the body touches the pool. One could see, his head was broken and bl**d could be seen. His mouth is broken by the side of his nose into two pieces and one can imagine what the accident was like.

His nose was hit hard in the ground due to a large cut in it. An area of ​​his nose shattered into two pieces.

The name of this black man is unknown. It is still unclear why he tried to shoot the video while diving. Whether he intended to hit his ground or it happened by mistake.

Video from France. The location of the accident is not yet clear.

The video is not recommended for sensitive viewers as it may be too far away from them. It is necessary to make the right decision while jumping in the pool. In this scenario, it was a pool from a hotel, as the space wasn’t big enough to jump into the pool. However, this man jumped into the pond from the highest level of a foot but encountered this horrific accident.

Watch the video of Salto Piscine Pool from Twitter

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