Watch Viral Waka Sabadell’s video

Watch the viral waka sabadell video below – The discoteca waka waka sabadell video has been popular all over the internet and people are begging for the video more and more. Nightclub Waka Sabadell is embroiled in another controversy. Some users are sharing on social networks a video that supposedly shows an explicit scene between two clients last Friday, December 23rd, allegedly recorded in the middle of a room.

A blonde girl, as can be seen in the photos, is on her knees, somewhat injured, as she performs [email protected] on born. Whoever puts on his jeans as soon as he realizes that the phone cameras are recording the event. Background music includes Quevedo and Bizarrap’s and We Gone in one.

All kinds of reactions were generated by the video on social media, most of it angry, disgusted and surprised. They say he will need psychiatric help after seeing him. Others are actually interested in doing business with those photos. One of the harshest comments describes the club as “a nest infested with rot and crime” and, henceforth, as a place where “[email protected]It happens. Many controversies surround this place in Sant Quirze del Vallès (Barcelona).

Recently, Waka Sabadell has been in the news due to aggressive goalkeepers, pitched fights, sexual assaults and rapes, hiring of minors, and brawls near the premises. This list now includes an explicit s*x scene.

Watch Viral Waka Sabadell’s video

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