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We will demand compensation for the killed northerners if the Namdi Kano-Ariwa youth are released to Bukhara

The Arewa Youth Advisory Forum, AYCF, has highlighted its next line of action if Nnamdi Kanu, Indigenous Leader of Biafra, IPOB is launched.

The Arab Youth and Youth Organization warned that it would demand compensation for the killed northerners and the destruction of their property in the southeast if Kanu was released.

Yerima Chitima, the national president of the Federation of Arab Youth and Youth, said Kanu’s release would show a sign of weakness on the part of the government.

Chitima noted that the release of the IPOB leader could be interpreted to mean that the government is afraid of him and that the security services are overwhelmed.

He stressed that Kanu’s case would be used as a reference point for crimes committed in the future if she is released.

According to Chittima: “They released Nnamdi Kanu because the Nigerian government is afraid of him? He was released because the Nigerian security has been overwhelmed by these criminals killing people like the northerners who go to that area to do their lawful business? No, it has not been done in any society. All they have to do is His do is buckle up and face the monster.

“The law must take its full course while he goes around unleashing terror on innocent Nigerians, including their own people, the law must be allowed to take its full course. If nothing is found on Kano, he should be set free, but I know it won’t be Easy because he said it and took that responsibility.We can’t be blackmailed, we are not cowards, Nigerians can’t be cowards by a few individuals.

“If, in their magnanimity, the government or the court decide to find safe ground, they should bear in mind that they will claim compensation for the souls of the northerners who have been slain in broad daylight by these criminals.

“We already have files and documents for the killing of the northerners and the property that was destroyed because we will demand compensation from the government for the people we lost, and we lost billions; the government must be ready to pay.

“The government should just realize that we will definitely come out to demand compensation. We will now know that we are in a banana republic, where there is no law and order. We will always use this Namdi Kano case as a reference point for any crime to be committed in the future; the government must be ready to take responsibility.”

We will demand compensation for the killed northerners if the Namdi Kano-Ariwa youth are released to Bukhara

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