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Web3: OctaFX shares insights into forex trading professional perspectives at Finance and Career in Tech Expo 2022

OctaFX, the global forex broker, has examined the role Web3 plays in forex trading and tips to help train junior professionals in technical areas. Experienced forex trader and OctaFX Brand Ambassador Ambrose Epoca gave a presentation titled “Positioning Yourself for a Future Powered by Web3” at Finance and Career in Tech Expo 2022 (FCT Expo 2022).

FCT Expo 2022 featured two keynote speeches and panel sessions looking at the benefits of blockchain, NFTs, forex and cryptocurrency trading, and careers in these technology-led fields.

We have seen that forex trading goes through different stages of development, from the era of Web1.0 to the advent of Web3.0. Today, we have an abundance of online trading platforms, such as OctaFX, which creates economic opportunities and makes sure that there are no challenges for trading assets and currencies. It is just important that you are equipped with the right skills to be able to chart a successful career down that path,” Ambrose commented on the show.

Hosseini Mohamed Awal, Blockchain Developer/Head at Creath, Arinze Eke, Quality Control Analyst at Sinotrust International Group, and Sabio Mohamed Danpolo, Business Development Officer, BitKova Academy Global, joined Ambrose to make contributions to the sessions.

Young Nigerians seeking to build careers in forex, blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrency trading attended the one-day virtual event. The sessions also included insights from blockchain writers, journalists, NFT artists, and researchers. OctaFX and Creath sponsored the summit.

OctaFX is a global broker providing online trading services around the world since 2011. The company is involved in a comprehensive network of charitable and humanitarian initiatives, including improving educational infrastructure, relief projects on short notice, support for local communities and small and medium businesses.

In Nigeria, it managed to get the award for “Best ECN Broker 2021” from World Finance and the award for “Best Forex Broker Nigeria 2022” from Global Banking & Finance Review.

Web3: OctaFX shares insights into forex trading professional perspectives at Finance and Career in Tech Expo 2022

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