Where is Nikki Katsouras’ family now?

Internet legend Nikki is now a household name. She was an 18-year-old college student living in California with her parents and two sisters in 2006. ABC News reported that Nikki Katsouras enjoyed taking videos with her camera. Unfortunately, it was her camera that would be used to recount Nikki’s life and death as a bloody and horrific comedy.

Pictures of Nikki Katsouras’ death suddenly rose to the top of Google’s search results. There is even a Wikipedia page dedicated to the horrific car accident. Now the question arises, “Where is Niki Katsouras’ family now?” Find out below.

Nikki Katsouras cause of death

During Halloween in 2006, Nikki Katsouras was traveling at nearly 100 miles per hour on State Route 241, near Lake Forest, California, when another car clipped and lost control, crossed above average and crashed into a concrete ram. Immediately, she died.

Her head was nearly cut in two, split open, and crushed. “It’s nothing anyone should see,” said Michael Vertek, founder of Remite Defender, a company that helps customers like the Katsouras family remove items from the Internet. According to the Katsouras family, the photos of the accident should never have been seen.

Where is Nikki Katsouras’ family now?

Currently, Nikki Katsouras’ family is believed to be living in Ladera Ranch, California. Pictures of Nikki’s death scene circulated on the internet, which led to a number of problems for her family due to cyberbullying.

Pictures taken by investigating officials were leaked onto the Internet after they were sent to others as a warning about reckless driving. The Katsouras family received several emails showing photos showing their child’s horrific injury after they quickly covered the internet. Nikki’s family filed a lawsuit against the investigating officers after the photo was leaked.

to me WikipediaThe case was eventually closed in 2012 after examining several websites and $2.37 million was paid to the Katsouras family. Nikki Katsouras’ family has not been reported since.

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