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Why Ogun APC brought ADC candidates to court – Otegbye

Candidate for the presidency of the African Democratic Congress, ADC, Biye Otegbay has revealed why he and other candidates from the party were dragged to court by the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

Otegbeye was responding to Monday’s appeals court ruling, which overturned the Federal High Court’s order in Abeokuta that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, disqualify all ADC candidates in Ogun.

The APC went to court saying that Otegbeye and others did not emerge with a credible primary election according to the new election law.

Addressing reporters on Tuesday, Otegbay said the APC had filed 26 cases before the elections against the ADC party and its candidates.

He said this was because the party did not want to be on the ballot with a strong opponent.

“To our consternation, 21 lawsuits have been filed against us by the GPC, apparently to prevent us from contesting the March 11, 2023 elections,” he said.

Otegbeye asserted: “The ruling APC had run out of ideas and they needed a justification to demand a people’s mandate for a second term; hence the desperate effort, at taxpayers’ expense, to get us off the ballot.”

“Unfortunately, they failed and their severely diminished popularity and integrity must now be tested in the elections.”

Otigbay expressed regret for the blatant attempts to reverse the gains of democratic development in the country through suspicious schemes designed to eliminate electoral competition.

He pointed out that any attempt to extract the people’s mandate to flee from legitimate competition is a mockery of democracy.

He announced that the DAC is ready to take over Ogun from the GPA in 2023, counting on the support of former Governor Ibekunle Amosun and the people of Ogun State.

According to him, the ADC is the party to beat in the upcoming elections.

Why Ogun APC brought ADC candidates to court – Otegbye

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