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World Cup: Asamoah Giang responds to Suarez by refusing to apologize to Ghana

Ghana legend Asamoah Jiang has responded to Uruguay striker Luis Suarez’s refusal to apologize to the Ghanaians after his participation in the Black Stars’ quarter-final exit from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Ahead of Uruguay’s 2-0 FIFA World Cup 2022 victory over Ghana on Friday, Suarez said in his pre-match press conference that he owed it to the Ghanaians not to apologize.

Suarez had blocked a goal-setting Ghana chance with his hand in extra time in his last eight matches 12 years ago at Soccer City.

Ghana were awarded a penalty late in the match, but Gyan failed to convert the penalty kick, and Ghana lost the encounter on penalties.

However, in response to Suarez’s remarks, Jiang respected the former Barcelona striker’s opinion.

According to him, he would have done what Suarez did if he were in his place.

“I will always be in people’s shoes. I don’t always think about myself or what I think. Sometimes I have to be in someone’s shoes,” Jiang said.

“I always say even then if it were me Suarez I would use the ball the same way he did to save my country.

He did what he had to do. We had the chance [the penalty] And we couldn’t convert it. This is football.

The question asked to him is the answer he gave. For me, that’s his opinion, he feels there’s no apology and I should be where he is, he was penalized, he got a red card and a penalty was given, it was up to me to convert it and that didn’t happen.

“As he said, if he was able to manipulate someone or hurt someone, he can apologize for that.”


World Cup: Asamoah Giang responds to Suarez by refusing to apologize to Ghana

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