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World Cup: Still young – Ronaldo on Neymar’s future

Ronaldo spoke about Neymar’s future in the Brazilian national team, amid rumors that the Paris Saint-Germain star would retire.

The 30-year-old Paris Saint-Germain striker has hinted that he may pull back the curtain on international football after Brazil were knocked out of the World Cup in the quarter-finals.

But Brazil legend Ronaldo de Lima doesn’t think it would be a wise move for the 30-year-old to drop out of the national team.

Neymar will be thirty-four years old by the time of the next World Cup finals in Canada, Mexico and the United States of America.

“Now he’s sad and that’s okay, but he’s still young. At the age of 31 he can still easily play in the next World Cup,” Ronaldo told Globo.

He’s very popular in Brazil now because he gets along so well with his national team.

“Against Croatia, he was a high-quality player and remains an important part of the national team,” said Ronaldo, a World Cup winner with Silicao, adding that the Paris Saint-Germain star will return stronger.

World Cup: Still young – Ronaldo on Neymar’s future

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