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World Cup: The real reason why Andre Onana left – Cameroon coach, Rigobert Song

Cameroon coach Rigobert Song said a lack of discipline made goalkeeper Andre Onana leave the squad ahead of Monday’s 3-3 World Cup draw against Serbia.

According to Song, Onana could not adapt to his instructions before facing Serbia.

Song had a falling out with Onana before Cameroon’s confrontation with Serbia, which prompted the Inter Milan goalkeeper to return to his homeland and leave the World Cup early.

Cameroon’s top seed Onana was surprisingly not included in the squad after their 3-3 draw with Serbia, being replaced in the starting line-up by Davies Ibasi.

It was revealed earlier that Onana was no longer in Qatar and had left the Cameroonian camp after a dispute with Song.

Speaking after the draw with Serbia, Song said in his post-match press conference: “The goalkeeper’s position is very important.

“We are in a difficult tournament and I know what I have to do, which is to make sure that the team is above anyone. Onana wanted to be excluded and we accepted it.

“There are 26 players in this squad working towards this competition together and we want to show discipline and respect. We’re here to prove it. He’s a great keeper, but we focus on the team.

“You have to adapt to the discipline of the team. If you can’t do that, if you can’t adapt to what we’re asking of this team, I think it’s necessary to step down and take responsibility.

“The team is more important than the individual. I take responsibility for the decision.”

World Cup: The real reason why Andre Onana left – Cameroon coach, Rigobert Song

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