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World Toilet Day: Hypo Toilet Cleaner plans to organize a hygiene awareness walk in 5 cities

As part of thoughtful plans to celebrate the upcoming World Toilet Day 2022, Hypo Toilet Cleaner, a staple of Hypo Homecare Products Ltd – makers of Hypo Bleach – has issued a statement to hold an awareness gathering in 5 cities: Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt, and Ibadan, regarding the use of Safe toilet.

This year’s theme is “Making the Visible Invisible” which raves about the sanitation crisis facing Nigeria, and how poorly managed sewage systems spread human waste into rivers, lakes and soils, polluting the water resources beneath our feet with toxic substances. .

Today, 3.6 billion people globally still live with substandard toilets that threaten their health and affect the environment. The link between open defecation and groundwater cannot be overlooked – which stands strong as the rationale behind the Hypo Toilet Cleaner awareness walk so everyone can get carried away.

On Friday 19 November, Hypo Toilet Cleaner will lead a movement simultaneously in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt and Ibadan with the support of National Youth Corps members across the five cities. They will take to the streets to educate Nigerians about the negative long-term effects of open defecation on our country and our people, while celebrating the existence of toilets and promoting good toilet hygiene.

The walk is set to cover a distance of 5 kilometers and urges Nigerians to support the brand in taking action to address the global sanitation crises, in line with global efforts towards achieving Goal 6 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: “Water and Sanitation for All by 2023”

Few celebrities will join the march such as Alex Asogwa aka AlexUnusual, Nigerian reality TV star, compere, and actress, Harrison Okiri aka Harrisong, famous Nigerian Afro-pop singer and songwriter, and Omar B Amita, also a Nigerian music artist who will be live. To entertain the crowd from start to finish.

Hypo Toilet Cleaner is a staunch advocate for hygiene and a brand that boldly promotes safe toilet use in Nigeria. The brand started the “Toilet Rescue Project” in 2021 where representatives of Hypo Toilet Cleaner went to neighborhoods around Lagos State and built and renovated toilet facilities in schools and communities.

For greater social impact and deeper penetration, in early 2022 Hypo Toilet Cleaner has taken the program up a notch to introduce the “Hypo Toilet Rescue Volunteer Program” in a special partnership with NYSC Lagos. Through this program, NYSC Corps members voluntarily screen public schools with poor or poor sanitation systems. Hence Hypo Toilet Cleaner came to build toilets and improve hygiene in the community, saving around 90 toilets, 10 showers and 2 changing rooms so far.

World Toilet Day: Hypo Toilet Cleaner plans to organize a hygiene awareness walk in 5 cities

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