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Yahoo boys and girls kidnap a classmate for scams in Ogun

Two suspected online scammers, known as the Yahoo Boys, and two female colleagues allegedly kidnapped another colleague over sharing the proceeds of the fraud.

The suspects were arrested on Monday by men from the Ogun State Police Command, the Daily Post reports.

Ogun State Police Spokesperson Abimbola Oyeyemi said the suspects are Mr Agbe Simeon, Miss Misia Niki, Mr Oladapo Dolapo and Miss Yetunde Shonola.

Oyemi said they were arrested in Oreil Imo village in Obafemi-Owde Local Government Area of ​​Ogun State, following information received by the police in Owdi-Igba Division.

The police have learned that Haruna Osman, who has been kidnapped since December 22, is being held hostage somewhere in Uriel Imo.

Acting on the information, Odi Igba Division’s Protection of Civilian Operations Officer, CSP Popoola Olasunkanmi, quickly mobilized his men to the area, where the four “kidnapped” were captured while two others escaped.

Oyemi said the initial investigation revealed that the victim and the suspects were members of an online scammers syndicate.

It was learned that they had recently cheated an unknown person of N26.4 million, “but the victim only gave N2,200 to other colleagues, claiming that the amount was not paid in full by his client.”

According to Oyemi, this act angered his colleagues, who lured him to a herbalist in Aurelie Imo and held him hostage there a week ago.

They threatened to kill him there if he refused to give them their full share of the scam.

On the other hand, the Commissioner of Police, Lanre Bancol, has ordered the suspects to be transferred to the Anti-Kidnapping Unit of the State Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation and possible prosecution.

Yahoo boys and girls kidnap a classmate for scams in Ogun

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