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You’re a bigot before me – Paul Okoye shot Primo

Famous Nigerian musician Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy of the PSquare, has described famous singer and actor Olawale Ibrahim Ashimi, better known as Brymo, as a tribal fanatic.

Primo, who has long been vocal against voting for Labor presidential candidate Peter Obi for being an Igbo, in a tweet criticized the tribe.

He wrote: “F*ck The Ndi Igbo. To hell with it.”

In response to the anti-Igbo comment on his Twitter account, Paul Okoye, a staunch supporter of the Obedient movement, warned Primo to pay attention to his speech.

While noting that the general elections on February 25 will come and go, and people will return to their daily lives, he said: “The elections will pass, and everyone will move forward. Pay attention to what you preach.”

But you decide to be a tribal bigot because you think you get some attention by insulting a certain area of ​​the country, and some people praise you. As an artist, I’m just disappointed.”

You’re a bigot before me – Paul Okoye shot Primo

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