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Youth unemployment and rural underdevelopment: Akwa Ibom’s double problem

African Democratic Congress (ADC) candidate in Akwa Ibom State, Ark. Ezekiel Nia Etuk identified youth unemployment and rural underdevelopment as the major problems in the state and promised to address them when elected to office.

Speaking at a press conference in Oyo over the weekend, Nyatuk said he made discovery during his campaign tours at the grassroots level.

He noted that it is heartbreaking to hear young men in rural areas complain of unemployment and backwardness among other challenges, noting that education was not a motivation for many young people as there are no jobs for them after spending time and money going to school.

On his level of preparation for the March 2023 elections, the Joburg candidate said he had left no stone unturned in talking to people especially those at the grassroots about his ability and abilities while some people were “busy doing camp”.

Nia Itok, who failed to mention a ‘camp performer’, described himself as a strategist who engaged in the underground in silence even as he expressed hope of winning elections in 2023.

According to him, “If you go out, you will discover that youth unemployment in the villages is frightening. If you hear what is going on in the villages, a major time bomb is ticking. There is a high rate of youth unemployment in the villages.”

This is the number one problem in Akwa Ibom State. Today, if you put in the development policy, the governance tool, I will hit the nail where it counts. The second is the underdevelopment of rural areas.

“I’ll be your next ruler because I’m a strategic striker, I never miss. That’s why I can stay without an appointment and there isn’t a year you haven’t heard of me in the last 20 years.

“I’m not trying to gain popularity, I’m trying to win the election and by God’s grace I will win.”

Youth unemployment and rural underdevelopment: Akwa Ibom’s double problem

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