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Zamfara: Bandits kidnap dozens along the Gosau-Funtua highway

Armed suspected terrorists carried out an operation along the Zamfara-Funtua highway, kidnapping dozens of passengers traveling to various locations in the country.

An eyewitness, Mr. Nura Ola Tsafi, reported that the terrorists carried out the operations on Friday and Saturday in various locations between Gusau – Gedan Dawa – Yanduto Dagi in Tsafi Local Government Area of ​​the state.

He said the operations started on Friday and the gangs continued their heinous activities till Saturday saying that the abductees were taken to the jungle.

Notorious bandits have kidnapped innocent passengers who were on their way to attend the annual Islamic Mawlid celebration. He explained that the passengers of two commercial vehicles were hijacked by the terrorists between Yandutun Dagi and Kwatarkwashi.

He added that some residents of Tsafi were attacked by bandits on Friday along Yandutun Daji Gdan Dawa, adding that the victims narrowly escaped as a result of the quick intervention of the army.

Nora Tsafi lamented that such operations along the Gusau-Funtua route are becoming very troubling, especially now that the nation heads into general elections scheduled for 2023.

Remember that the State Police Commissioner, Mr. Kolo Yusuf with his tactical team has conducted a sweep on the Zamfara-Funtua Highway in order to further secure the road and build the confidence of the commuters.

Zamfara: Bandits kidnap dozens along the Gosau-Funtua highway

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